Flutter: Fixed “Multiple arb files with the same ‘en’ locale detected.”

While developing a Flutter project in Android Studio, I got the following message:

Multiple arb files with the same ‘en’ locale detected.
Ensure that there is exactly one arb file for each locale.

This project is having problems with localization.


‘intl_en.arb’ is newly generated.

When I deleted intl_en.arb,

flutter –no-color pub global run intl_utils:generate

is executed.
I had intl_utils installed without realizing it.


It automatically generates boilerplate code for Intl, the official Dart localization library.

The function of Intl_utils is provided as Plugin “Flutter Intl” of Android Studio.

When I checked, I found that I was using Flutter Intl, a Plugin for Android Studio.

In this project, the localization process was already set according to the following article in the Flutter official documentation.

Internationalizing Flutter apps

So, I decided to stop Flutter Intl this time.

Android Studio > Settings… > Plugins > Uncheck Flutter Intl

This solved the ‘Multiple arb files with the same ‘en’ locale detected.’ issue

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