Flutter: Fixed “Multiple arb files with the same ‘en’ locale detected.”

While developing a Flutter project in Android Studio, I got the following message: Multiple arb files with the same ‘en’ locale detected.Ensure that there is exactly one arb file for each locale. This project is having problems with localization. app_en.arbapp_en.arbintl_en.arb ‘intl_en.arb’ is newly generated. When I deleted intl_en.arb, flutter –no-color pub global run intl_utils:generate is executed.I had intl_utils installed without realizing it. intl_utils It automatically generates boilerplate code for Intl, the official Dart localization library. The function of Intl_utils is provided as Plugin “Flutter Intl” of Android Studio. When I checked, I found that I was using Flutter Intl, a Plugin for Android Studio. In this project, the localization process … Read more

How to “tap” to answer incoming calls on the lock screen on Android 13

After updating to Android 13, when I received a call on the lock screen, I needed to “swipe up” to answer. My grandmother can fully use the button taps on her smartphone, but she can’t use “swipe” because she can’t get used to it. Therefore, when a phone call comes in on the lock screen, I investigated whether it is possible to respond by “tapping” the button. There are many phone apps on Google Play. I noticed that among them there are apps that can respond with a tap. I installed “Simple PhoneBook” and set it as the default phone app.Now we can answer incoming calls on the lock screen … Read more

[Mac] Progress status is now displayed when transferring files to iPhone/iPad.

To transfer files from a Mac to an iPhone/iPad through a USB cable, use the following method.First, connect your Mac and iPhone/iPad with the USB cable.Select the iPhone/iPad when it appears in the Finder sidebar. Select Files in the button bar. A list of apps to which files can be transferred will be displayed. Drag a file, multiple filesor folders to the corresponding app. This is documented in the following article from the macOS User Guide.Sync files from your Mac to iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch What surprised me this time was that the progress of the file transfer was displayed! Until now, when transferring a file, the file transferred … Read more

Articles and sample code for video playback on Apple Developer Documentation

AVFoundation is a framework used to handle audio and video AVFoundation | Apple Developer Documentation Video and Audio Playback In the AVFoundation documentation, there is a section called Playback>Media Playback Media Playback This section describes video playback.In the left pane, there is a table of contents. indicates an article. indicate sample code. This sample code creates a basic movie player, so you can run it and explore it to learn what it takes to play a video. Creating a Movie Player App with Basic Playback Controls After downloading and trying to run it,“AVFoundationSimplePlayer-iOS” is a project downloaded from the internet.You will be alerted that “Are you sure you want to … Read more

Replaced the microSD card in my Galaxy A22 5G

I replaced microSD card in Android phone Galaxy A22 5G The other day, I was in a situation where I tried to start Audible on my Android phone and it would force it to quit.Sometimes I would get a message saying that there was a problem with Audible.However, there was no information about a bug in the current version of the app, so I was wondering what was going on. In the notification section, there was a message that there was a problem with the external SD card and that it was read-only.I had previously changed the storage destination of Audible to an external SD card.I realized that this was … Read more

Landscape Mode on Kindle

When reading a Kindle book in portrait mode on your smartphone, you may find that the text wraps around too often.In such a case, it is easier to read in landscape mode with rotation allowed on the Kindle. Usage Tap the screen while viewing a Kindle book to display the settings toolbar. Select ‘Layout’ tab.Turn off ‘Oriention Lock’. Your Kindle book now rotates in landscape mode.

Dictate line breaks and punctuation marks on iPhone in Japanese

You can voice input by tapping the microphone mark on the keyboard on iOS.From iOS 16, you can now operate the keyboard even during voice input. Also, starting with iOS 16, punctuation marks are automatically inserted.Is that why? The instructions on Apple’s support page have been simplified.iPhoneでテキストを音声入力する(iOS 16)- Apple サポート (日本) In the case of iOS15 or earlier, there are descriptions of punctuation and line breaks.iPhoneでテキストを音声入力する(iOS 15)- Apple サポート (日本)

Watch Connectivity | How to use Apple’s sample code

Watch Connectivity is a framework that implements two-way communication between an iOS app and its paired watchOS app. Watch ConnectivityImplementing Two-Way Communication Using Watch ConnectivityThis is a sample code for Watch Connectivity provided by Apple. There are many communication methods for different purposes, and this is a project where you can experience them.It has a lot of functions, and it is difficult to grasp.This article describes how to prepare and use the sample code. Preparation As you can see on the sample code page, some preparation is required to run it. TARGETS > General pane> update the Bundle Identifier filed with a new identifier. Signing & Capabilities pane> Team drop-down menu> … Read more

How to extract audio from video on Mac

OS: macOS Montery  This article shows how to extract audio from video files using the features of mac. Using control-click on Finder 1.Select the file from which you want to extract audio and control-click (right click). 2. Click ‘Encode Selected Video Files’. 3. choose ‘Audio Only’ in the dropdown menu. 4. click ‘Continue’ to extract audio from selected video files.