Repete Plus

Repete Plus is a helpful audio player for language learners.
This application detects silence parts of audio files and virtually divides them.
After the phrase is played, silence will be played for a while. You can practice speaking out the phrase during that silence.


  • Virtually divide the silences between phrases
  • Edit division point
  • Set to play or not for each phrase
  • Play speed changeable
  • Background playback
  • Text Editor
  • You can play audio files in the media library.

You can also download and play audio files from cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive).

Privacy Policy

Repete Plus’s privacy policy

Silence detection

• Duration
If the silence part is longer than the “Duration”, it will be delimited there
• Level
The volume of sound that is recognized as silent. If the “Level” increases, it will be recognized as silent even if there is a little noise.

Support page (Japanese version)

Repete Plus | Support page

For now, you can find more information here.

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