Dictate line breaks and punctuation marks on iPhone in Japanese

You can voice input by tapping the microphone mark on the keyboard on iOS.
From iOS 16, you can now operate the keyboard even during voice input.

Also, starting with iOS 16, punctuation marks are automatically inserted.
Is that why? The instructions on Apple’s support page have been simplified.
iPhoneでテキストを音声入力する(iOS 16)- Apple サポート (日本)

In the case of iOS15 or earlier, there are descriptions of punctuation and line breaks.
iPhoneでテキストを音声入力する(iOS 15)- Apple サポート (日本)

  • new line (改行: kaigyō) : 改行(Kaigyō)
  • comma (読点: tōten) : 点(ten)
  • period(句点: kuten) : 丸(maru)

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