Replaced the microSD card in my Galaxy A22 5G

I replaced microSD card in Android phone Galaxy A22 5G The other day, I was in a situation where I tried to start Audible on my Android phone and it would force it to quit.Sometimes I would get a message saying that there was a problem with Audible.However, there was no information about a bug in the current version of the app, so I was wondering what was going on. In the notification section, there was a message that there was a problem with the external SD card and that it was read-only.I had previously changed the storage destination of Audible to an external SD card.I realized that this was … Read more

Landscape Mode on Kindle

When reading a Kindle book in portrait mode on your smartphone, you may find that the text wraps around too often.In such a case, it is easier to read in landscape mode with rotation allowed on the Kindle. Usage Tap the screen while viewing a Kindle book to display the settings toolbar. Select ‘Layout’ tab.Turn off ‘Oriention Lock’. Your Kindle book now rotates in landscape mode.

Dictate line breaks and punctuation marks on iPhone in Japanese

You can voice input by tapping the microphone mark on the keyboard on iOS.From iOS 16, you can now operate the keyboard even during voice input. Also, starting with iOS 16, punctuation marks are automatically inserted.Is that why? The instructions on Apple’s support page have been simplified.iPhoneでテキストを音声入力する(iOS 16)- Apple サポート (日本) In the case of iOS15 or earlier, there are descriptions of punctuation and line breaks.iPhoneでテキストを音声入力する(iOS 15)- Apple サポート (日本)

How to extract audio from video on Mac

OS: macOS Montery  This article shows how to extract audio from video files using the features of mac. Using control-click on Finder 1.Select the file from which you want to extract audio and control-click (right click). 2. Click ‘Encode Selected Video Files’. 3. choose ‘Audio Only’ in the dropdown menu. 4. click ‘Continue’ to extract audio from selected video files.

Development in June 2022

Repete Plus Created an update (version 9.8). I changed the behavior of the song selection screen.When you select a song, the previously selected part is displayed first. The main purpose is to implement this function. But before I got there, I spent most of the month refactoring the song selection screen. The song selection screen was created in the early stages of development, so it was unnecessarily complicated.With this refactoring, we’ve reduced the amount of code and made it simpler.