Replaced the microSD card in my Galaxy A22 5G

I replaced microSD card in Android phone Galaxy A22 5G

The other day, I was in a situation where I tried to start Audible on my Android phone and it would force it to quit.
Sometimes I would get a message saying that there was a problem with Audible.
However, there was no information about a bug in the current version of the app, so I was wondering what was going on.

In the notification section, there was a message that there was a problem with the external SD card and that it was read-only.
I had previously changed the storage destination of Audible to an external SD card.
I realized that this was the reason why Audible could not be started this time.

SD card replacement

While the data on the SD card was still readable, I set about replacing it.
We purchased a new 128GB microSD card and a microSD/SD card reader.

Turn off the phone in use and remove the microSD card.
I had to push the pins as hard as I could to get the tray off.
I was quite puzzled.

Connected to my mac with a microSD/SD card reader and copied the contents of the old microSD card.
The card was divided into various folders, but I copied it as it was.
It was about 27GB.
After that, I connected a new microSD card with a card reader and copied the contents of the old microSD card to the new microSD card

Put the new microSD card in the tray and push it into the device.
Boot up the phone.
Firmly, it was recognized.
I downloaded Audible again from the Google Play Store.
The books I had previously downloaded to my library were retained.

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