Repete Plus(version 9.8)-When selecting a song, the screen you used last time is displayed.

When you select songs, the screen you used last time is displayed first.  When you press ‘Pick’ button, the last used screen is displayed first. Previously, when you pressed ‘Pick’ button, the root folder was displayed on the “App folder” tab, and the album list was displayed on the “Albums” tab.To return to the previous style, go to Settings> Detail> Behavior when selecting songs, and turn off “Display last used screen”. Files with DRM and files on the cloud are no longer displayed. Protected files and files on the Cloud cannot be used with Repete Plus. Previously, these files were also displayed on the song selection screen, but from this … Read more

Development in June 2022

Repete Plus Created an update (version 9.8). I changed the behavior of the song selection screen.When you select a song, the previously selected part is displayed first. The main purpose is to implement this function. But before I got there, I spent most of the month refactoring the song selection screen. The song selection screen was created in the early stages of development, so it was unnecessarily complicated.With this refactoring, we’ve reduced the amount of code and made it simpler.